How Are Roof Trusses Made?

How Are Roof Trusses Made?

How Are Roof Trusses Made?


Below are a few tips on how roof trusses are made:

It all starts with design. Once contracted by a developer or builder, truss manufactures will then start the designing process. Knowing what the truss is going to be used for, where it will be supported, what size it should be and more, the designers will then utilize their expertise and design a truss that is going to meet the client’s requirements, and all of the relevant building codes.

Plate and wood selection
The truss design is also going to specify the type of truss plates to be used and the type of lumber to be used. There are many different types of plates and lumber, and the correct plates and wood need to be used in all cases.

Template making
To ensure that the manufacturing process is more accurate and efficient, your next step will be template making. With your design, the manufacturer will set up a template that outlines which pieces need to be used where, where the plates should be placed and how they fit together.

Are you ready to begin manufacturing? It starts with the cutting of the wood. Regardless of how the manufacturer decides to cut it, the important thing to remember is that the proper lumber is selected, and cut to fit the design. These pieces need to be cut accurately in order to fit tight tolerances and complete manufacture.

When all of the wood is cut, it is then time for the assembly. The cut pieces of wood are inserted into the template and double checked to ensure that they match the design. Once inserted, the manufacturer will place the truss plates and readies for the final pressing.

The last step in the roof truss manufacturing process is the pressing. When the wood has been assembled, cut and the truss plates are in place, the roof truss assembly is then run through a hydraulic press and inspected by the professionals.

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