The Process of Fitting Roof Trusses to New Homes and Buildings

The Process of Fitting Roof Trusses to New Homes and Buildings

The Process of Fitting Roof Trusses to New Homes and Buildings

If you are building a new home, office, building or warehouse, you have, by now, likely realised that there is a lot to concentrate on. Ensuring that your construction project goes off without a hitch, will require you to have a certain amount of involvement in each process. One such, often overlooked concern, is that of designing and erecting the internal roof trusses in the construct.

Those who plan ahead in such instances understand the importance of following the correct process through blueprinting them, manufacturing, and of course, having them installed properly to the construction itself. So, we are here to walk you through this process to ensure that you keep control of the situation.

Finding and Contacting a Roof Truss Company
The first thing you will want to do is shop around for a roof truss design company that offers all-inclusive services, from design and manufacturing to installing. It would be well worth your time to opt for a company that offers logistics services as well, to make the solution a little more turnkey. There are various companies around, so it is a good idea to do a little scouring before you set on one, to make sure that they provide all the services you’ll need.

Taking a Week to Design your Trusses
Once you have made contact with a roof truss company, it is time to get designing (with their help of course). Here, you will give them the required specifications that will make your trusses unique, while they take care of the details that ensure structural integrity and versatility. This process generally takes about a week, Though being the foundational phase of their manufacture, it is wise to take your time with this step to ensure that you meet all possible challenges to the design.

Manufacturing your Design
Once you are certain that you are happy with the design, you will make your confirmation and your trusses will start being manufactured. Manufacturing can take between 1 to 2 weeks depending on their specifications. After this time, they will be delivered to your home, and if you have opted for the right service, will also be installed professionally for you.

Installing your Roof Trusses
In many instances, your contractor will take care of installing your roof trusses for you when they are ready. However, with the right supplier, you can have the truss company install it themselves at a bit of an extra cost. Since truss manufacturers are specialised in their fields, this approach often yields the best results.

Contact GauTruss for Further Details
If you are starting a construction project and are on the lookout for a roof truss company that can provide you with all the services and materials you need, contact a representative from GauTruss today and speak to us for more information on our wooden trusses in Johannesburg.

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