What Are the Benefits of Using Roof Trusses in Construction?

What Are the Benefits of Using Roof Trusses in Construction?

Humanity’s approach to building houses has changed substantially over the years. Every so often a new development comes along which makes us relook at our approach to architecture and design, be it a simple solution or a wholly revolutionary one. In Johannesburg, wood trusses have been used in construction for many years now, and their popularity is growing steadily, with an estimated 80% of all modern houses opting to use them in their designs. Besides their stylistic nature, there are many advantages to using roof trusses, which makes their popularity no surprise. Find out more about them here.
Roof Trusses are Cost Effective
Compared to traditional rafters, roof trusses require far fewer materials to be completed. They are also fairly simple to manufacture and can be manufactured quite quickly. This all results in them being quite cost effective, saving time, resources and wastage on construction projects.
Roof Trusses Facilitate Speedy Installations
Unlike rafters, roof trusses are assembled before they are delivered to a construction site; complete and ready to use. Because of this, they can be fitted to a construction with relative ease and speed. Because of this, utilising roof trusses in your construction can shave plenty of time off of your project, pushing forward your completion date substantially.
Roof Trusses are Highly Customisable
Roof trusses are also highly customisable, and this is largely due to the fact that they are manufactured to spec. They still need to comply with building codes, however when it doesn’t impact with them, customer specifications can make for some truly unique designs.
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